Your Heavenly Identity – 5 CD Series


By David Huskey

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Key Thought: Realizing the power of your heavenly identity.

We can move from an earthly identity (how we perceive ourselves) to a heavenly identity (who God says we are).

Key Scripture:  Proverbs 23:7b – For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he….

  • An earthly identity comes from seeing yourself through the eyes of failure, mistakes, guilt, other people’s opinion, etc.
  • A heavenly identity sees through the eyes of God’s Word. God’s word is our mirror to that image. We must allow the Word to get to our mind, to penetrate our heart so we can conform into the image of Christ.
  • If we continue with an earthly identity we cut off the ability of the anointing of Jesus Christ, which is in every believer, to walk out the life that God intended for His children to have.



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