Overcoming Offenses – 4 CD Series


By David Huskey

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Learning how to overcome offense is essential for every Christian.

Overcoming Offenses will teach believers to recognize offense as a snare of the enemy, solely designed to entangle the child of God. You will learn how to effectively respond to and overcome offense through the power of God. This revelation will enable believers to walk in love, forgiveness, and unconquerable victory. We all have opportunities to receive offense. The victory is in the believer’s response!

Included in this teaching:

  • How Christians can live a victorious life, stay in church and not get offended (Ps. 119:165)
  • Even the bad things in life, God can turn around…We prove it with scripture
  • We reveal that Satan is behind every offensive situation and is designed to entrap
  • Blaming others will not work. We as individuals are responsible to follow Jesus Christ regardless of what others do.
  • If we keep our eyes on Jesus we will stay on our Christian course with Him.


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