Start2Finish Syllabus

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Available individually or a starter pack of ten books.

Start2Finish is a workbook based on six basic principles that you can use to help disciple, mentor and influence believers to follow Christ and become engaged in a local church.

We all want to keep new believers who receive Christ, and now we can use this simple, interactive syllabus to do just that. This syllabus is designed to be used one-on-one, in small groups or in life groups.

Why I developed Start2Finish

The Challenge

When I pastored in Taos, New Mexico, we reached over 1,000 people for Christ. The church only grew to about 265 people. What challenged me was, “Where were the other 700 that received Jesus Christ?”

My Heart’s Desire

I had a strong desire to see new believers become established in a local church and not leave, so I began to dig deeper into my studies. As a result, I have found that the Apostles, who were Godly men trained by Jesus, taught six basic principles. This syllabus will guide you through these principles and enable the new convert to become rooted in God’s Word and the church.

What I Found out

Although small groups are good, useful and helpful, mentoring one-on-one is the BEST way to establish and keep new believers. By utilizing the six principles outlined, a new convert will be able to understand and build a foundation for belief.

The Result: Start2Finish

A guide to improve your ability to keep new believers, Start2Finish is a workable answer for you and your church. Purchase the Start2Finish Syllabus now. To help you get started, purchase the 10-book Starter Pack.

  • I wanted to thank you for your “Start to Finish” discipleship materials. Over the years we have purchased hundreds of these and used them in three different churches both for believers who had been saved for a while and for new believers. The feedback is always positive. This is truly a great resource for churches and ministries desiring to fulfill the Great Commission.–Rev. Jeffrey Sutton, Living Word Family Churches